Service & Repair

In-House Service

JCL Energy is equipped to handle all emergency and non-emergency repairs. We are your First Responders for all of your Electrical Service Needs. Our Technicians will inspect, test and repair your transformer to ensure it returns to you at ANSI Standard!

[For retro-fit/replacement units, we can visit your site to ensure exact measurements and fit.]

Our Services

  • Megger / TTR Testing
  • Resistance Testing
  • In House Repair / Service
  • Rewinds / Pulling Turns
  • Oil Sampling / Analysis
  • Oil Processing / Fluid Top Off
  • Replacement of:
    • Gaskets / Gauges
    • Components
  • ... and much more!

Emergency Response

Failures and Disasters

  • Units in Stock
  • Immediate Delivery
  • 24 / 7 / 365 Service
  • Unit Replacement for:
    • Disaster Relief
    • Temporary Power
    • Explosion and Fire Damage

Want to take this info with you?
Download our Service sheet and our Field Service sheet. Or, you can download our Full Offerings sheet.