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JCL Energy is the “people first” electrical equipment provider! And, with over 120 years of, combined, experience, it is safe to say that we know transformers.

With that amount of experience, comes a level of expertise and knowledge that is second to none. We know all of the right questions to ask, and will work with you every step of the way, to ensure that you get exactly the right power distribution option for your specific needs.


Padmount Transformers

10 MVA + Below / 34.5 kV + Below


Substation Transformers

30 MVA + Below / 138 kV + Below


Dry Type Transformers

5 MVA + Below / 34.5 kV + Below

We also specialize in...

  • Pole Mounted Transformers
  • Padmount Switchgear - available in Live Front and Dead Front
  • 600 V - 35 kV Metal Enclosed Switchgear
  • Custom Metal Clad Gear
  • Panel Boards + Switchboards
  • Electrical Components


When power distribution equipment fails, it brings everything around it to a screeching halt. Including your project, or business. Quickly repairing the situation is crucial, and JCL Energy is here to help!

Repairing equipment can lessen the stress of investing in brand-new equipment. Especially, when considering spacial requirements, or limitations. Our engineers will inspect, evaluate, repair and test your equipment to ensure it returns in top form. We can also help with rental equipment, to keep you up and running during repairs.


In addition to covering all of your transformer and electrical equipment needs, JCL Energy also purchases surplus equipment!

Our time-tested process is designed to make it as effortless as possible for you to make some money on your surplus, from start to finish.

And, if the equipment is in refurbishing, or remanufacturing, condition we can offer a premium rate over scrap, and will help you with all of the necessary steps to make sure it is transported properly, and safely.


Are you in a situation where you need temporary power? A short-term project? Waiting for delayed, or repaired, equipment to arrive? Or, just a temporary power solution?

No matter your power needs, we have you covered.

Whether you need low or high-voltage options, we’ll work with you to customize a rental option, that fits any demands of your project site.

We offer everything from transformers, up to 30 MVA, to circuit breakers, switches, and starters meeting industry standards - including NEMA, DOE, IEEE and ANSI C.57.

Reach Out!

All of us at JCL Energy are eager to help you. And, it all starts with reaching out! 

Whether you need help with purchasing transformers, to schedule a repair / have us come out and assist in the field, sell any surplus equipment that is taking up valuable space, or want to talk about your rental options for your temporary power distribution needs... we want to hear from you!

Our contact form was made to be a simple way to get in touch, so that we can eventually talk you through any needs that you might have. We even left an option, just to say hello! Because it all starts with that, and builds from there.


We are Innovators.
We are Workers.
We are Problem Solvers.
We are Neighbors.
We are Family.
We are Americans.
We are Transformers.

The mission of JCL Energy is to prove that Americans still have the power to transform the communities in which we live, work, and raise our families. We exist because every customer deserves honest work, done right, and with maximum speed and efficiency.

We're here to give our best to everyone we serve. This is who we are. This is what makes us different.

JCL Energy

Your "people first" electrical
equipment provider!


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