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Options from 35 kV / 600 V

The combination of circuit breakers, fuses, switches, relays, etc - responsible for controlling / protecting electrical equipment from overloads, short circuits, and other faults.

Switchgear For All Your Needs!

JCL Energy is ready to assist with all of your project / site needs - and depending on your facility’s specifications, you can incorporate different product features as well.

Switchgear Offerings

  • Breakers
  • High-Voltage Fuses
  • High-Voltage Outdoor Power Circuit Breakers and Switches
  • Low / Medium-Voltage Power Circuit Breakers
  • Medium-Voltage Load Interrupter Switches
  • Pad-Mounted Switching Equipment
  • Power Switchgear Assemblies
  • Reclosers and Sectionalizers


  • Utility Distribution Circuits
  • Utility and Industrial Substations
  • Microgrids, Distributed Energy Resources, and Renewable Energy Systems
  • Buildings with Medium-Voltage Circuit Breakers for Distribution Circuits
  • For Industrial Applications, a Transformer and Switchgear may be combined in one housing​.

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