60MVA / 138kV & Below, Single & Three Phase

  • New and Reconditioned Substations In-Stock!
  • Options ranging from 60 MVA / 138 kV and below
  • Meeting NESA, ANSI C.57, DOE and IEEE standards
  • Many Ready-to-Ship options available
  • UL Listings available

New Substations

Speed and decades of industry knowledge: We live it, and we have it!

As your go-to source for New and Reconditioned Substation Transformers, customers trust JCL Energy to provide the highest-quality equipment.

Operating with extreme ease of doing business, JCL Energy is a leading provider of New and Reconditioned Substation Transformers for the following:

  • Electrical Contractors
  • Industrial Applications
  • Renewable Energy
  • Data Centers
  • Cryptocurrency Mining
  • ... and much more!

Download all of this info in our Substation Offering sheet, by itself, or you can download our full Offerings here.

Standard Features

  • Dial-Type Thermometer / Liquid Level Gauge
  • Secondary Spade Connectors
  • Pressure Relief Valve (smaller kVA ratings)
  • Reinforced Steel Plate Tank
  • High-Grade Silicone-Steel Core
  • Non-PCB Insulating Fluid
  • NEMA Two-Hole Ground Pad
  • Base Suitable for Rolling or Skidding
  • Provision for Jacking or Lifting
  • Welded Cover with Handhole
  • No-Load Tap Changer (when required)
  • High Flash-Point Fr3 Fluid (Ester Based)
  • Fan Cooling
  • Custom Terminal Boxes

Reconditioned Substations

At JCL Energy we ensure that all of our Reconditioned Substations are methodically tested and restored. All Reconditioned units are backed by our 3-Year Warranty. Our Substation reconditioning process includes, but is not limited to:

  • TTR Testing / Megger Testing
  • HV and LV Winding Resistance Testing
  • Phase Polarity / Impedance Testing
  • No Load and Load Loss Testing
  • Oil Dielectric Sampling
  • Pressure Testing
  • DOBLE Testing (upon request)
  • Testing is completed to all ANCI and IEEE standards

We further perform:

  • Gasket Inspection and Replacement
  • We inspect all Bushings, Gauges, Hand/Man Holes and Radiators
  • Pipe fittings are resealed
  • All components are inspected, tested and replaced if needed (IE: Switches, fuses, gauges, and more)
  • Transformer fluids are tested and processed or replaced
  • Our Transformers are finished with a high-quality industrial paint. Custom colors are available
  • Quality Control Department performs final testing before unit is deployed into the field

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