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JCL Energy purchases new and used Transformers daily. No matter where you’re located, we make it easy.

It may sound a little silly, but the “Drunk Monkey” mentality is our fun approach to a process we take very seriously! We want to buy your excess equipment, whether it’s:

  • Transformers / Switchgear
  • Components / Fuses / Fluids
  • Voltage Regulators / Control Panels... and more!

When you call or request our Purchasing Manager, you can expect:

  • Fast, Friendly and Knowledgeable Negotiations
  • Logistical Convenience [We handle all Transportation]
  • A guaranteed FMO [Fair Market Offer]

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When filling out the Surplus Form, be sure to provide as much information as possible. If you have questions or concerns – please call our Purchasing Manager immediately at 724-983-1300.