JCL Energy Journal

Sustainability in the Transformer Industry

JCL Energy is focused on positive industry changes for increased long term sustainability.

First Steps Towards Sustainability in the Transformer Industry

Today’s global market is at turning point on issues of sustainability and environmental consciousness. The energy industry has great potential to adapt and change accordingly. This lends energy and power companies many exciting opportunities for evolution and growth. For those with their boots on the ground, it can also mean the potential for big changes in the coming years. Philosopher Alan Watts said it best: “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” JCL Energy is here to help you navigate the changes by providing you with options that meet your needs, while also doing our part to lessen environmental impact. We are dedicated to sustainability in the electrical transformer industry now and in the future. 

Here in the U.S. cities like San Diego and Portland are leading the charge for policies creating “green cities” focused on reducing the environmental impact per person. One of the main factors is the ability to transition to renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources powering a city grid will rely heavily on updated and redesigned transformers to process and distribute power. This creates an amazing and exciting opportunity for a “reformation” in the electrical transformer industry. Transformers are in a unique position of being among the more efficient devices for managing power, while still holding the potential to adapt and become the center of distribution for renewable energy sources. 

Promoting Sustainability in New Transformer Designs

The creation of a more sustainable electrical transformer focuses on small shifts in the manufacturing and operation process. Eco-friendly transformers are built with sustainable materials in a more energy-efficient manner. They generally last longer, and are easier to recycle than current models. These upgrades bring additional benefits to consumers; quieter operation, safer energy distribution, and a longer equipment life cycle, making clean energy production more competitive in today’s market.

Efficiency is key- currently it is estimated that “4% of globally generated electricity is wasted in transformers.” (Cargill, Transformers Magazine) While it may seem insignificant, that 4% is almost half of the total global generated electricity lost. The evolution of electrical transformer equipment will be the first step in the rebirth of the electrical transformer industry in a more sustainable world.

We at JCL Energy are no strangers to rebirth and reformation. Our operation makes its home in a small town in Pennsylvania hit by the effects of the Rust Belt Era. Sharon, PA has a rich history as a coal-town that transitioned to the iron and steel industry. Like many other towns and cities in the area, Sharon’s industry took a hit during the deindustrialization of the 1980s. We love the area for its history and potential, and we are working towards revitalization and sustainability for a bright future. As we revitalize Sharon, we are also looking forward to taking a lead in the future of the transformer industry. We are excited about the potential for change, and our ability to better serve our customers’ needs.

Choosing Reconditioned Transformers

Our interest in sustainable practices is one of the big pushes behind our drive to buy and recondition older transformers. We believe that the niche market of reconditioned transformers may better meet the needs of many of our customers by increasing production speed while lowering cost and risk of failure upon energization. Reconditioned transformers are also a more sustainable option that reduces environmental impact. Unlike the emissions produced in the manufacture of new electrical transformers, reconditioning produces almost no greenhouse gasses.

As with any reconditioned equipment, there are always potential drawbacks. Reconditioned transformers are no different, depending on the skill and quality of the rebuilder. JCL Energy has a commitment to quality, and we believe in doing a job right. We provide what you need, when you need it, and we are committed to doing our part to help move the transformer industry into a more sustainable and efficient choice for your energy needs.

Service & Repair for Longer-Lasting Units

JCL Energy is also dedicated to sustainability in the transformer industry by providing fast, reliable, expert service for your current transformers. For any industry or business that currently has transformers operating as part of their infrastructure, it is crucial to have reliable access to a fast service and repair provider. In the same way that buying reconditioned transformers is a more sustainable practice than buying new, maintaining and servicing current units regularly will lessen the need to replace units down the road. Often, issues with transformers (such as bushing replacement, Megger, TTR, & Resistance Testing, shutdowns, turnarounds, and even outages) can be handled in the field by Field Service experts.

For issues that cannot be handled in the field, another service option is in-house repairs, where the unit is brought into the service provider’s shop. There, professionals can perform rewinds, pulling turns, oil sampling & analysis, replacement of gaskets, gauges, and components, and so much more.

Working Together for a More Sustainable Future

At the end of the day, we know that change is inevitable. A majority of industries will have to make changes towards more sustainable practices in the next decade. By deciding to actively choose these practices now, you will be better positioned to continue to make sustainable decisions in the future. When it comes to your energy needs, choosing reconditioned transformers over new and keeping your current units in the best shape possible with services and repairs is an easy way to get started. JCL Energy is dedicated to supporting you for all your transformer needs. Focused on increased sustainability in the transformer industry and expert service and repair, the JCL Energy team is leading the charge for a more environmentally healthy future.


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