Riley Atterholt

Operations / Sales

Riley Atterholt is a lifelong Shenango Valleyian.

Born in Sharon, PA, he is a graduate from Penn State University with a degree in Marketing & Management. Riley started his career at Buhl Park Corporation where he ran recreational programming and instruction, which grew into overseeing all park operations. Riley developed his passion for working with others and the community in college and at Buhl Park; while still early in his career, Riley has built a strong network of connections and business knowledge.

He joined the JCL Energy team in February of 2019 where he worked hands-on to get real estate projects and development off the ground. Riley has since transitioned into business development and marketing but is not afraid to get dirty gutting on a job site! New to the electrical business, Riley is learning from the best. Riley recently married his wife Marissa; he enjoys traveling, golf, recreation, and mission trips.