Jason Fellows

Creative / Marketing

If JCL Energy was a house party, Jason would be the one off playing tug-of-war with any dogs he could find.

He most enjoys “behind the scenes” work where he can be creative and use his graphic design skills most effectively. Jason was born and raised in Youngstown, OH. He earned his bachelor’s degree in graphic design from YSU in 1999, and began his career working in local advertising agencies. Overall, he has over 20 years of experience in the graphic design industry.

Jason joined the JCL Energy team in April of 2019 and worked hard to help build the JCL Energy brand from the ground up. What he enjoys most is the opportunity to work for a company where he has the ability to lead the creative process.

When he isn’t at work, Jason is a sucker for a good sour beer or hard cider and enjoys music, hiking, “annoying” his girlfriend Lynn, and cruising with the doors off on his Jeep.