Lynn Dula

Creative / Marketing

Lynn Dula came to JCL Energy by a round-about road through the world of education.

A former kindergarten teacher, she tackles her work with the energy of a five year old on the playground- ready to take on new challenges and run with them! Lynn was born in Cleveland, raised in Pittsburgh, and spent five years in Las Vegas before moving home to work for JCL Energy. She has a bachelor’s degree in Music and Philosophy, a master’s degree in Elementary Education, and is currently working through online coursework for Digital Marketing and Social Media Management.

A big believer in honest communication, meticulous organization, and overusing label makers, Lynn is excited to help take the marketing for JCL Energy to the next level! When she is not at work, she can be found enjoying the great outdoors along with fellow team member Jason and their friends in an endless search for the best hiking spots in every state.