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Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.


Built on a culture of joy, friendship, and laughs our team is energized to have fun and keep things loose. No corporate policies, mandatory hours, or strict dress code. We are everyday people who love what we do and enjoy the lives we have.

We have created the Life @ JCL page to showcase our adventures, woes, and projects that we take on day to day. Follow along with us!

See some of our work, and involvement, in the city of Sharon below!

  11 / 25 / 20

Gifts in the Mail

Monica is back, to highlight a new way we want to show appreciation for our customers, and friends, to let them know that we're thinking of them!

  10 / 22 / 20


This is Monica. She is one of the dedicated people who make up JCL Energy, and is here to tell you all about just one of the ways we can help you!


  10 / 09 / 20

Pouring Concrete

The JCL Team was in full force today pouring a concrete ramp at our shop. Putting our tools/equipment to use and always striving to leave something better than we found it!


 07 / 31 / 20

The Business Journal

Jim touring the Youngstown Business Journal crew around our shop and showcasing our vast inventory and in house capabilities. Full story and video at The Business Journal

 05 / 01 / 20

Shop Work

Jim and Riley taking the time to get our floors looking clean and ready to hard in our shop!


 04 / 26 / 20

Local Friends

Jim showcasing a local friend of ours; Shenango Valley Clothing Co! We are proud of our industrial heritage in Sharon which was largely built on the legacy of Sharon Steel and the Buhl family.

 02 / 25 / 20

PowerTest 2020

Great few days at PowerTest 2020 in Chicago. We had the chance to chat with some old friends, make new ones, and tell our story. Our custom yellow pad mount enclosure was a hit and showcased our steel and electrical capabilities.

  11 / 04 / 19

Our Story

Jim sits down to describe the vision behind all of the work, time, commitment and partnerships in helping to revitalize Sharon.

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